DTG Printing

The Process of DTF onto Clothing:
To produce DTF transfers we use specialist ink with a large format CMYK printer. We print directly onto a coated material PET film. Once printed the transfer is coated in a special adhesive powder, so it will adhere to any garment. The adhesive is then cured in a dryer to bond the adhesive to the DTF transfer and it is then ready to go. The transfer can then be applied to any garment with a heat press and also no pre-treatment is required.

Advantages of DTF Printing:
• Great for multi coloured logos
• Produces a soft finish
• Produces vibrant colours
• Long Lasting durability
• No Set-Up costs
• Can be printed onto all garment types
• Great for fine detail
• Unlimited colour options
• Can be used for small or large order quantities
• Do not crack when washed
• Can print up to A3 Size
• Fast to produce

Disadvantages of DTF Printing:
• Minimum order of 10

Below are some examples of our work using the DTG Printer: